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Royal Naval Association Worthing Branch "Once Navy, Always Navy"
Royal Naval Association       Worthing Branch "Once Navy, Always Navy"


HMS Shoreham help disabled children and adults in Bahrain


Sailors from HMS Shoreham and personnel from the United Kingdom

Maritime Component Command (UKMCC)

helped children and adults with learning disabilities create a giant mural.


The teams from HMS SHOREHAM spent time with more than 120 people in Bahrain to finish the artwork which will hang in the atrium of Harbour Gate, in the Bahrain Financial Centre.


The project was organised by the charity Bahrain 4 All, All 4 Bahrain and coincided with World Disability Day.


Petty Officer Adam Thompson, from minehunter HMS Shoreham, said:


“It was fantastic seeing all of the children and young people enjoying themselves and being so happy painting.”


UKMCC Chaplain Reverend Mark Mander was proud of the Royal Navy for helping. He added:


“Our sailors constantly excel in representing themselves and the Royal Navy at such events like this where they are able to come alongside and help people from the community.  The teams from UKMCC and HMS Shoreham demonstrated kindness, patience and understanding as they assisted the children and young people in their project.”


Nivedeita Dhadphale, founder of Bahrain 4 All, All 4 Bahrain, said the event showed their allegiance to the disabled community.






We Have recently established an Affiliation with the Sandown Class Minehunter, HMS SHOREHAM (M112).  .


The following is the latest communication that we have received.


“Firstly may I apologise for the time it has taken for me to get back to you regarding this matter.  I have been trying to follow this up through the appropriate channels, however no one seems to have any formal affiliations setup/records so it’s been somewhere between a wild goose chase and herding cats.


On behalf of my Commanding Officer Lt Cdr A H Visram and HMS SHOREHAM, I would like to accept your kind invitation to affiliate with the Worthing Branch of the RNA, and I’m sure over the coming years we will strength these early relations and link into the wider community of First Mine Counter Measures Squadron (MCM1).  MCM1 Crew 3 is currently embarked in HMS SHOREHAM and we have been since September of 2017 and we are due to hand over the Ship to Crew 7 in December who I’m sure will continue to up date you on the exploits of your Ship.


If you are not familiar with the operating process of the MCM squadrons, allow me to elaborate.  The squadron comprises of 8 Crews but only 7 Hulls (Ships).  This means that the Crews RiP (Relief In Post) in and out of the hulls so that the Crews can continue to follow a pattern of Training, Generation, Deployment and Recovery, lasting approximately 2 years, whilst the Ships continue their own much longer timelines. 


MCM1 Crew 3 has sailed HMS SHOREHAM out into the Arabian Gulf where she will remain for 3 years providing a home-away-from-home for the men and women of the Royal Navy whilst they carry out the ever important work in the region.  I have included our Affiliate Update letters for the past generation cycle and deployment so that you may be able to catch up on what we and SHOREHAM have been doing, I would also encourage you to follow our Twitter Handle in my signature block which has more frequent updates and has some extraordinary footage from our operations.


I hope that the Worthing RNA and HMS SHOREHAM will have a prosperous relationship and that you may be able to visit and take advantage of traditional Royal Navy hospitality on her return to UK waters”.



The branch shares its affiliation to HMS Shoreham with the Worthing Sea Cadet Unit - TS Vanguard



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