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Royal Naval Association Worthing Once Navy, Always Navy
Royal Naval Association             Worthing Once Navy, Always Navy

     Events 2020


Here you'll find details of all the events that we'll be involved with during 2020


More details nearer the time of each event.






Mess Meeting March                                               Thursday 5th March 2020  

Mess Meeting April                                                 Thursday 2nd April 2020

Mess Meeting May                                                  Thursday 7th May 2020

VE Day Celebration                                                 Friday 8th May 2020

HMS Hood Rememerance                                       Sunday 24th May 2020

Mess Meeting June                                                  Thursday 4th June 2020

Mess Meeting July                                                   Thursday 2nd July 2020

Sea Sunday                                                               Sunday 5th July 2020

Broadwater Carnival                                                 Saturday 18th July 2020

Mess Meeting August                                               No Meeting

Street Collection                                                       Saturday 8th August                                        

Merchant Navy Day                                                 Thursday 3rd Septmber 2020

Mess Meeting September                                         Thursday 3rd September

Visit to National Arboretum                                     Friday 18th - Sunday 20th September

Mess Meeting October                                             Thursday 1st October 2020

Mess Meeting November                                         Thursday 5th November

Mess Meeting December                                          Thursday 3rd December 2020


Lunchtime I-Pad Project Sessions held 1200 - 1500 at Broadwater Working Mens Club


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